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With so much garbage ending up on roadsides, our neighborhoods and our beaches, how we treat our trash is more important than ever. Recycling not only helps remove materials like plastic out of our environment, but also creates awareness on how to throw out your trash responsibly. If you want to know where to start, there are plenty of things you can do to help recycle and also spread the word:

  1. Sorting out your garbage is the first step to recycling. Separating plastics from other materials helps out recyclers and also gives you an idea of how much plastic you throw out
  2. Use community recycling bins like the Plasticcycle Bins rather than throwing plastics in general waste bins
  3. Learn about the different types of plastics and what effects they have on your environment
  4. Organize a neighborhood clean up crew and collect any litter that can be recycled or better disposed
  1. Rinsing out your plastics before you send them to recycle avoids contamination and increases the chance of it making a better recycled product.
  2. Make your home a “Recycle Zone” by encouraging family and friends to use your recycle bins
  3. Encourage your school or your office to recycle their plastics
  4. Share your recycling tips with others and show them how easy recycling can be!